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18 January 2009 @ 06:17 am
i rolls on wheels
never smoked banana peels
don't do coke deals
just eat oatmeal
and wash it down with some reverse osmos
because i'd like to maintain my cosmos
or what's left.
i used to chug gallons by the advice of my ill informed teacher
the paranoia seeped deeper sunk talons into my smoking eye sockets.
bereft, undeft, feared the reaper
refused the reefer
kept the keifer sutherland tales
24 brain modulation
seen so clearly feel me is up to date when
suddenly someone or some thing started kickin me in my ass.
learn to love the unexpected lessons when they're past.
my rhyme is forced nonsense
but learn to let go when jumpin the fence into little prince alien terrain
the range unknown
the domain unknown
"our instruments are no good in this atmosphere, captain"
that's when
sasquatch is in... and
beauty is realized, not theorized
peel back the dead skin and see with your real eyes
... the house.
chronologically bound to a deer's sigh evaporating
in the moment evaporating
forever elaborating
on the tenets of infinity
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18 January 2009 @ 06:12 am
Happy birthday, A. A. Milne! Not coincidentally, it's also Winnie the Pooh Day. Which resident of Pooh Corner do you identify with the most?
between pooh and eeyore and piglet. probably pooh. actually eeyore.
13 December 2008 @ 07:53 pm
What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?

but seriously folks, i love mutts, especially if they have some chow in em
13 December 2008 @ 05:00 pm
bring a 40 oz i'll bring a 5 gallon bucket and dump it in the ocean that yer drowning in.
i'm just clowning in the circus of verses the worth of which amounts to about as much as a clown in a circus leave you scratching your surface at least one of these clowns has to know how to drive a tiny car. you had to start somewhere to get this far. the diamond vehicle is a little bit trickier though in that it's a little less trickier. but i don't hear me though. constantly complicating simple matters for the worse, reminiscent of your birth, but i disperse. i mean dispense. correction: digress: I project my insecurities on your mirror-face and reflect. and recite disney movie lines as if they were analects. in my mind... but that pretense was now past tense or so we will think when we are tangled up in ink and forced to watch the infinite spinoffs of our manic episodes and shows of supposed intelligence.

I don't feel the need to be accepted by a bunch of jerks who can't accept the fact that one-upmanship is not the name of the game.
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13 December 2008 @ 04:59 pm
What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?

the underdog
06 December 2008 @ 04:55 pm
what, mind passings that pass as art?
certainly don't startle a fart or a responsible favor.
Flavor of the boot scoot poop shoot fluke worms.
I hyrm and yearn to unlearn yer murderverse.
I fucking curse
and squirm in my church pew: funeral home in a devil town.
If i'm not home by curfew
just scat my ashes and scatter scatalogical time passages.
Is it an assuage that all things must pass?
You're full of shit, ass.
Just go ask the glass who's the prettiest in the calisthenics class.
Cryogenically speaking
Our collective status is stasis so upgrade your stats.
Compound complacence with that which is the underlying insecurity cum security to combat the robots who crunch data and leave nothing to chance.
Not even you.
Do you kiss your mother with those hands?
06 December 2008 @ 04:15 pm
I would loan you my loneliness
if in turn you would seek me out.
If you would lend me indifference
I would have sense to doubt
the rhyme.
Rime of the ancient married with children's museum artifacts catalogue telegraphed to the curator's snake oil rehabilitation facility holding tank located in the epcot ziggurat votive candle-can opener-snowglobe combo emporium coming soon to the 2012 world's fair trading stares with your own reflection in the nosebleed section of the empty stadium of your cranium.
Rockin' out to Bad Company.
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26 November 2008 @ 07:16 pm
quit doing everything for the love of money;
don't you know that stack of bloody bills can't love you back?
wack like jay-z is a free mason
just like yasser arafat
know that
you are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...
gonna get back.

what's the frequency?
i'm not ken, i'm ryu. Die, you
motherfuckin associated press organized gang affiliated messenger interrogation questioner.
quell your query, fairy. i can tell when i'm being lied to
through body language
slaughter dangerous, i fold my haiku
into a throwing star
and my quintain boomerang is thrown far
on the winds of change.
slang got bite like lemon meringue
but i'd rather be
drinking grain and eating tang
while listening to bang and blame.
not really though,
i don't even have that album i think it was monster
i used to have it but it was my aunt's copy and i gave it back.
anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say is that i am simultaneously superior and inferior to everyone, and that positive self talk is not enough, you should talk positively to others.
but i shouldn't put that on anyone but myself.
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am i
a son of a leech
preaching from a position of wealth
no, i am simply rewriting forgotten
memos to myself because i'm forgetful
pitbulls leashed to the weight of their
every syllabic piece of wit
you got beef wit the sacred cow clique?
this meat sock puppet monkey will put an end to its
self. citing both spiritual awakening and declining mental health.
set rhyme on shelf and
mind on task at hand and
delve deeper keep a shovel in the other
at all times. i'm
the remainder, the stranger's stranger
quintessential to your mental image of the mental image mirage, an angler
and the seen's not what it's been.
crumbling come ups cold orange crush your tangerine dream
your couplets are really veal cutlets
marinated in the fermented blood of ugly ducklings
we need more swans
so tune in, turn on
and drop the morning's news on your neighbours lawn.

trippin offa dextromethorphan feeling like a cultural orphan:
a doors fan scalping dat phan tickets, stashing bodies in a van down by the
river phoenix's ashes rise above all our dying livers
rivers of blood
before you sculpted the idol in your own image it was just mud
and from whence it came it shall return
i don't mean to rain on your parade to be collected in your grecian urn looks oriental
purely ornamental, yearn for the elemental
any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental
a stick of nagchomp for the people's champ
who got re-educated and takes night classes at the day camp
you bastards
you cut out his brain
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05 October 2008 @ 10:30 pm
i look back upon the champagne supernova in anger because my wonderwall was scrawled upon
when i was playing danger mouse and changin out my imagined imaginations which house an amalgamation of my frustrations and insecurities which espouse my beaten spouse
Date Rape is what i named her she ruminates upon pronouns as if they claim he pure essence
which in essence
is neither the flower or the fruit, the vine, branch, root, nutrient, toxins inherent in
the soil, dirt, flesh; foil the soul out into an integer, the mathemetician plays an integral role
quantifiable traits which all will hold as subject to before they're even a gleam in their daddy's bank. Welcome!
to the international house of human pancakes
would you like some bilderberry with that? Or perhaps a carafe of caffeinated raisin bran flakes?
And how about a complimentary glass of serotonin reuptakes?
Or have you got what it takes to be an honorary houseguest of the state?
Just take the prescribed lifestyle choices but no modification of the shrink wrapped dinner plate.
Silver platter with the fileted face of a sedated apostate;
you wouldn't happen to recognize this one, hmmm?
oh, yes, i suppose it's just a question of taste.
I didn't mean to interrupt your one sided conversation, yes, sir, back to my station,
and make haste, sir!
carne asada incarnate for a cabal of cannibal primates
who claim a divinely transmitted mandate
to drive a sleigh pulled by enslaved candidates
for the ritual sacrifice, raised by a pack of lies
you're just a lie, yourself.
or are you a man? If you learn to stand
then you just might die yourself.
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