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05 October 2008 @ 10:30 pm
thee trap  
i look back upon the champagne supernova in anger because my wonderwall was scrawled upon
when i was playing danger mouse and changin out my imagined imaginations which house an amalgamation of my frustrations and insecurities which espouse my beaten spouse
Date Rape is what i named her she ruminates upon pronouns as if they claim he pure essence
which in essence
is neither the flower or the fruit, the vine, branch, root, nutrient, toxins inherent in
the soil, dirt, flesh; foil the soul out into an integer, the mathemetician plays an integral role
quantifiable traits which all will hold as subject to before they're even a gleam in their daddy's bank. Welcome!
to the international house of human pancakes
would you like some bilderberry with that? Or perhaps a carafe of caffeinated raisin bran flakes?
And how about a complimentary glass of serotonin reuptakes?
Or have you got what it takes to be an honorary houseguest of the state?
Just take the prescribed lifestyle choices but no modification of the shrink wrapped dinner plate.
Silver platter with the fileted face of a sedated apostate;
you wouldn't happen to recognize this one, hmmm?
oh, yes, i suppose it's just a question of taste.
I didn't mean to interrupt your one sided conversation, yes, sir, back to my station,
and make haste, sir!
carne asada incarnate for a cabal of cannibal primates
who claim a divinely transmitted mandate
to drive a sleigh pulled by enslaved candidates
for the ritual sacrifice, raised by a pack of lies
you're just a lie, yourself.
or are you a man? If you learn to stand
then you just might die yourself.
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