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12 November 2008 @ 01:42 am
common common common common common delirium....... it comes and goes......  
am i
a son of a leech
preaching from a position of wealth
no, i am simply rewriting forgotten
memos to myself because i'm forgetful
pitbulls leashed to the weight of their
every syllabic piece of wit
you got beef wit the sacred cow clique?
this meat sock puppet monkey will put an end to its
self. citing both spiritual awakening and declining mental health.
set rhyme on shelf and
mind on task at hand and
delve deeper keep a shovel in the other
at all times. i'm
the remainder, the stranger's stranger
quintessential to your mental image of the mental image mirage, an angler
and the seen's not what it's been.
crumbling come ups cold orange crush your tangerine dream
your couplets are really veal cutlets
marinated in the fermented blood of ugly ducklings
we need more swans
so tune in, turn on
and drop the morning's news on your neighbours lawn.

trippin offa dextromethorphan feeling like a cultural orphan:
a doors fan scalping dat phan tickets, stashing bodies in a van down by the
river phoenix's ashes rise above all our dying livers
rivers of blood
before you sculpted the idol in your own image it was just mud
and from whence it came it shall return
i don't mean to rain on your parade to be collected in your grecian urn looks oriental
purely ornamental, yearn for the elemental
any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental
a stick of nagchomp for the people's champ
who got re-educated and takes night classes at the day camp
you bastards
you cut out his brain
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