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13 December 2008 @ 05:00 pm
bring a 40 oz i'll bring a 5 gallon bucket and dump it in the ocean that yer drowning in.
i'm just clowning in the circus of verses the worth of which amounts to about as much as a clown in a circus leave you scratching your surface at least one of these clowns has to know how to drive a tiny car. you had to start somewhere to get this far. the diamond vehicle is a little bit trickier though in that it's a little less trickier. but i don't hear me though. constantly complicating simple matters for the worse, reminiscent of your birth, but i disperse. i mean dispense. correction: digress: I project my insecurities on your mirror-face and reflect. and recite disney movie lines as if they were analects. in my mind... but that pretense was now past tense or so we will think when we are tangled up in ink and forced to watch the infinite spinoffs of our manic episodes and shows of supposed intelligence.

I don't feel the need to be accepted by a bunch of jerks who can't accept the fact that one-upmanship is not the name of the game.
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Current Music: "shout out to... myseeelf." .... my elf?