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18 January 2009 @ 06:17 am
my knee hurts  
i rolls on wheels
never smoked banana peels
don't do coke deals
just eat oatmeal
and wash it down with some reverse osmos
because i'd like to maintain my cosmos
or what's left.
i used to chug gallons by the advice of my ill informed teacher
the paranoia seeped deeper sunk talons into my smoking eye sockets.
bereft, undeft, feared the reaper
refused the reefer
kept the keifer sutherland tales
24 brain modulation
seen so clearly feel me is up to date when
suddenly someone or some thing started kickin me in my ass.
learn to love the unexpected lessons when they're past.
my rhyme is forced nonsense
but learn to let go when jumpin the fence into little prince alien terrain
the range unknown
the domain unknown
"our instruments are no good in this atmosphere, captain"
that's when
sasquatch is in... and
beauty is realized, not theorized
peel back the dead skin and see with your real eyes
... the house.
chronologically bound to a deer's sigh evaporating
in the moment evaporating
forever elaborating
on the tenets of infinity
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