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06 December 2008 @ 04:55 pm
arid zone, a(n) ... fest  
what, mind passings that pass as art?
certainly don't startle a fart or a responsible favor.
Flavor of the boot scoot poop shoot fluke worms.
I hyrm and yearn to unlearn yer murderverse.
I fucking curse
and squirm in my church pew: funeral home in a devil town.
If i'm not home by curfew
just scat my ashes and scatter scatalogical time passages.
Is it an assuage that all things must pass?
You're full of shit, ass.
Just go ask the glass who's the prettiest in the calisthenics class.
Cryogenically speaking
Our collective status is stasis so upgrade your stats.
Compound complacence with that which is the underlying insecurity cum security to combat the robots who crunch data and leave nothing to chance.
Not even you.
Do you kiss your mother with those hands?